mapping of glendale grounds maintenance plans

epd were commissioned in 2017 to survey and update the Glendale Grounds Maintenance Plans for areas they maintain within Lewisham and Newport (which contained over 10,000 separate grassed areas). Previously they had been relying on out-of-date paper maps and the on-site experience of those tasked with maintaining the grass, shrubs and hedging.

The original hand drawn plans were scanned at high resolution and converted into vector files. Each site was visited, cross-referenced with Google Streetview, and additional topographic survey measurements were taken where necessary. These results were then used to update the digital plans. The new digital format allows for quick and accurate interrogation of the plans to update Bills of Quantities and Schedules of Works.

Future changes to the plans can be captured quickly in comparison to the slow process involved in the revision of hand drawn plans. The plans can now be quickly emailed to colleagues and clients, or imported into other software packages as required.