Brooklands is a major new urban extension on the eastern edge of Milton Keynes which comprises over 2,000 new homes with associated local facilities and schools. We were commissioned to design the areas of public open space and came up with the concept of a structural landscape forming the backbone of the development in the form of a 3km long forested ridge. The practical function of this ridge is to shield the new housing area from the noise and visual intrusion of the adjacent M1 motorway.

Alongside the ridge within the housing area we created designs for two significant parks. The first of these is Meadows Park, which also functions as a flood water detention basin. The Broughton Brook Linear Park then forms an extensive area to the south of Brooklands and contains numerous sports pitches and other informal areas for active and passive recreation.

Within the rest of the development we have designed more than ten public open spaces that form urban plazas, community greens, small parks, and both local and neighbourhood play areas.

epd have now been involved at Brooklands for over 12 years and we continue to provide design and implementation services to deliver an exemplary scheme for Places for People.

“epd in conjunction with Places for People has created attractive, imaginative green open spaces at Brooklands which have helped to create a place that feels relaxing and inviting. This makes a great contribution to a healthy lifestyle for those living at Brooklands, and is an important factor in making our homes very desirable and extremely popular as soon as they are offered for sale.”

Badj J Rahman, Senior Infrastructure Manager for Strategic Projects, Places for People