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Talbot Place
Project Overview
Known for its expansive heath of the same name, tranquil Blackheath attracts families for its easy city commute and village feel. Alongside Georgian homes, trendy wine bars and pavement cafes, including a branch of upscale The Ivy, look out over the open green space of Blackheath Common.
The site at Talbot Place forms part of Blackheath Common. The community group wanted to develop the space for the local communities to use and enjoy. epd was commissioned to help the community group to design a scheme which caused no long lasting damage to the common land on which it was proposed. The community group was involved at all stages of the project.
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  1. Wildlife exploration
  2. Mirror
  3. Informal playground and seating area
  4. Planting, including silver birch and gorse
  5. Primary, fully accessible route
  6. Play logs with climbing branches
  7. Indented swale/dry river bed
  8. Mounding
  9. Low timber deck bridge
  10. Area for willow tunnel, sculpture or den
  11. Musical play
  12. Informal mown route through meadow grass
This scheme involved working closely with a local community group and helping them secure additional funding to enhance the scheme. The design was enhanced with the use of local materials and the recycling of materials where possible. Timber was sourced from Greenwich Park to act as natural play equipment.
“We are keen to use materials for this that are as local as possible. The Heath was gravel pits and we’d like to use Blackheath gravel and pebbles.” Friend of Talbot Place