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GLP Park Swindon
Project Overview
epd has been entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive landscape assessment and design for this redevelopment.
Our mission: to unlock the full potential of the site while ensuring minimal landscape and visual impact.
The proposal entails the development of a single industrial unit accompanied by essential amenities such as parking, service areas, hard surfacing, improved site access, substations, and landscaping.
Our approach involves:
Site Appraisal: We conduct a thorough assessment of the site's current condition and potential for redevelopment, identifying key areas for improvement and opportunities for enhancement.
Landscape Design: Drawing upon our wealth of experience and creative prowess, we design landscapes that complement the development, incorporating native vegetation to soften the site's industrial character.
Visual Impact Assessment: epd evaluates the potential landscape and visual effects resulting from the development, ensuring compliance with local regulations and mitigating any adverse impacts on the surrounding landscape.
Sustainable Solutions: We prioritise sustainability in our designs, implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting biodiversity to create vibrant, resilient landscapes.
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