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Huntingdonshire Biodiversity Improvement
Project Overview

Huntingdonshire District Council has embarked on an exciting initiative in partnership with epd to enhance the ecology of three parks in the area. This collaborative effort aims to implement a phased programme of biodiversity improvements that not only enriches the natural environment but also involves and reflects the desires of the local community.

Plans and Surveys:
After thorough surveys conducted by ecologists, epd was entrusted with translating the findings into comprehensive and user-friendly plans. These plans are designed to be easily readable by all park users, ensuring transparency and accessibility throughout the process. Engaging with the community is a cornerstone of this project, and a series of consultations have commenced to gather public opinion and form a focus group of passionate individuals dedicated to refining the designs.

Community Engagement:
To gather diverse perspectives, an online questionnaire has been widely circulated via email, social media platforms, local groups, and the council’s official website. Additionally, park-goers have been informed through on-site publicity of a linked QR code and word-of-mouth communication channels. This inclusive approach ensures that the voices of all stakeholders are heard and considered.

Measuring Biodiversity:
Central to this project is the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity within the parks. As part of the summer 2024 agenda, a comprehensive programme of ecological surveys will be conducted. These surveys will not only provide valuable insights into the current level of biodiversity but also serve as a baseline for measuring and monitoring future changes resulting from the implementation of improvement works.

The collaborative efforts between Huntingdonshire District Council, epd, and the local community signify a commitment to fostering sustainable and vibrant green spaces for generations to come. By prioritising ecological enhancements and embracing community feedback, this initiative sets a promising precedent for the Parks in Huntingdonshire.

Together, we can create parks that thrive as havens for biodiversity and beloved recreational spaces for all.

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