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Bromley Croft, Mansfield
Project Overview
At epd, we understand the importance of creating spaces that foster connection and promote well-being. When tasked with the redesign of this assisted living development, we approached the project with a focus on enhancing communal areas and promoting meaningful interactions between carers and patients.
Shared Amenity Space:
One of the key elements of our proposal was the creation of a shared amenity space in an urban setting. This space serves as a central hub where residents and carers can come together, socialise, and engage in various activities. We designed a versatile area that accommodates different needs and preferences, from relaxation to socialisation or even therapeutic activities.
High Quality Seating:
Central to the design of the shared amenity space was the inclusion of high quality seating. We carefully selected furniture pieces that not only prioritise comfort but also encourage interaction and engagement. The seating layout was strategically planned to facilitate easy communication between carers and patients, promoting a sense of inclusivity and community.
Designed for Interaction:
Our design philosophy revolved around creating an environment that encourages meaningful interaction. . This approach promotes a sense of belonging and enhances the overall quality of life for everyone involved.
The Result:
The redesigned development of assisted living flats now boasts a vibrant and inviting communal space, thanks to epd's innovative approach. Residents and carers alike can enjoy a welcoming environment that promotes socialisation, relaxation, and engagement. By prioritising interaction and inclusivity in our design, we've created a space where relationships can flourish and well-being can thrive.
At epd, we're dedicated to creating spaces that enrich lives and promote positive experiences. 

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